CALENDAR : 2018 – 2019

MONTH                      DAY                                 EVENT

MARCH 2018 (20 days)

Thrusday                       1st                  II Semester Exam  Report Card Day

Friday                            2nd                Holi Holiday

Tuesday                         6th                 Teacher’s Orientation

Wednesday                    7th                 New Academic session begins

Saturday                         24st               World Water day (Std. VI-XII)

Sunday                           25th               Ram Navami

Thurs- Sunday               29th-1th Apr. Easter-Holidays


APRIL (23 days)

Monday                          9th                Std.XI Classes begin

Monday                          9th               Morning classes begins

Saturday                         14th              Picture Competition (Std.III-VIII)

Saturday                         28th              International Mother Earth Day Annual Quiz Contest

MAY (04 days)

Sunday                           1st                  Labour day

Monday                          2nd                 Labour day celebration

Wednesday                    4th                  Greenery day

Friday                             6th                  Last Working day before Summer Vacation

Saturday                        7th                  Summer Vacation  Begins


JUNE (16 days)

Friday                             10th                School office reopens

Monday                          13th                School re-opens after Summer Vacation

(1st day – Morning Classes)

Monday                          20th                World Environment day

Friday                             24th                Annual Quiz


JULY (23 days)                                  

Friday                             1st                  Inter-Jesuit School Essay Contest

Wednesday                    6th                  Id-Ul- Fittar – Holiday

Saturday                        9th                  Bible (Gospel acc. to Mathew) & ASISC Inter                              School Quiz  at Carmel Dhanbad

Monday                          11th                World Population day

Thursday                        14th                Annual Elocution & Speech Contest Std. VI-X

Friday & Saturday          22nd & 23rd   Loyola football tournament (Jr.) at DNS Sijua

Friday                             29th                Annual Elocution (Std. I-V)

Saturday                        30th                St. Ignatius Loyola Feast Celebration

Sunday                           31st                St. Ignatius Feast Day


AUG (23days)

Friday & Sat.                  5th & 6th         Regional ASISC  Meet at Ranchi

Friday                             12th                International Youth Day

Saturday                        13th                Inter Nobilian Stroy Telling/ Debate+2/                                        Elocution & Speech Contest, Extempore-                                                            Std. IX-X / Hindi Elocution for std. 7 & 8 at DNS


Monday                          15th                Independence Day

Tues to Saturday           16th – 27th      1st Semester Examinations

Thursday                        25th                Janmastami

Saturday                        27th                Inter Jesuit Elocution & Speech Contest at                  Sahibganj

Monday                          29th                2nd Semester begins


SEP (22days)

Monday                          5th                  Teachers’  Day

Thursday                        8th                  World Literacy day

Monday                          12th                Id-Ul-Zoha (Bakrid)- Holiday

Wednesday                    14th                Hindi Elocution



OCT (17days)

Sunday                           2nd                 Gandhi Jayanti

Sat – Sunday                  8th-16th          Durga Puja- Holiday

Monday                          17th                School re-opens  after Puja Vacation

Tuesday                         18th                International Day of the Girl Child

Saturday                        22nd               Collage Contest Std. XI & XII

World Planting Day

Friday                             28th                Bulletin Board Competition Std. I to XII

Sunday & Monday          30th & 31st     Deepawali Holidays


NOV. (20 days)

Monday                          7th                  Chatt Puja – Holiday

Saturday                        12th                Children’s Day Celebration

Monday                          14th                Children’s day/ Guru Nanak Jayanti – Holiday

Saturday                        19th                Annual Sports

Tuesday                         22nd               Universal Children’s day

Wed. to Friday               23rd- 25th      National ASISC  Meeting at Lucknow


DEC. (16 days)

Friday & Sat.                  2nd & 3rd       Inter Nobilian Youth festival at DNS Mugma

Saturday                        10th                Staff Picnic

Monday                          12th                Calligraphy Contest/ Human Rights day

Tuesday                         20th                Christmas Celebration

Wednesday                    21st                Christmas Vacation begins

Sunday                           25th                Chirstmas


JAN -19(22 days)

Monday                          2nd                  School Office reopens

Tuesday                         3rd                   School re-opens

Wednesday                   4th                    Mock ICSE & ISC Examinations begin

Thursday                        26th                 Republic day


FEB. (12 days)

Wednesday                   1st                    Basant Panchami – Holiday

Monday – Friday           6th-17th          II Semester Examinations





* Morning classes will be announced later: depending on the weather condition

* 2nd & 4th Saturdays of all months will be working days.

* Every Friday/Saturday  weekly tests will be conducted.

* Class day missed will be made up on Saturdays

Semester wise distribution of working days:      First Semester                                              – 105 day

Second Semester         – 114 day

Total Number of working days                                                                                                –219 days


Thursday                        2nd                  II Semester Report Card Day

Saturday                         4th                    Teachers’ Orientation

Wednesday                   8th                    New Academic Session begins


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