Code of Conduct for Nobilians



A boy/girl who studies at De Nobili, assumes the obligation to conduct himself/herself at all times in accordance with the highest standard of discipline, aiming at quality and excellence in education and character.

A Nobilian shall always keep in mind that the school is judged by his/her conduct.

The following code of conduct is, therefore, laid down for the guidance of the Nobilian.


Every Nobilians :

l       Shall respect and practise the rules and regulations of the school.

l       Shall obey his/her parents, elders and teachers.

l       Shall, by precept and example, be truthful.

l       Shall be courteous, friendly and co-operative with one-another in and out of school.

l       Shall avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour.

l       Shall be clean and always neatly dressed in school uniform.

l       Shall understand the value of time.

l       Shall have faith in God, and lend a helping hand to the poorest of  the poor and the lowliest of the lowly.

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