The Principal / Vice-Principal assisted by all De Nobili teachers are responsible for the discipline in the school.

Discipline is needed for smooth running of the school. Punctuality and responsibility, have to be learned slowly and freely accepted, in an atmosphere in which students exercise judgement and make free choices about matters appropriate to their age and level of understanding. Student’s mistakes are tolerated as apart of the process of growing, but repeated misbehaviour which destroys the spirit of the school and hinders other students from peacefully growing, is not tolerated, even if this cause pain to thee parents of uncooperative students.


All absence from school, even with prior permission of Principal, must be explained by the parents, in the “Absence Record” which is found in this prospectus, before it can be condoned and the students is admitted into class. If the leave is more than three days, besides the notes in the prospectus, an explanation in a separate letter must be added and sanctioned by the Principal/Vice-Principle.

Without prior permission, absence of a month [or more than three days before or after a vacation], renders the students liable to have his/her name removed from the rolls and must submit to a formal re-admission by paying a fee of Rs. 500/-when he/she returns, provided his/her place has not been given to another student.


For withdrawal of a student, at least THIRTY DAYS notice in writing must be given to the Principal failing which, a month’s fees will be charged, in lieu thereof.

A transfer certificate will be issued only after obtaining a clearance certificate stating that all dues have been paid and the school’s library book and property have been returned.


The Principal reserves to himself/herself, the right to dismiss from the school any student whose conduct is, in his/her opinion against the moral tone of the school. Immorality in word or deed, wilful damage to school property, grave insubordination, contempt of any authority, unsatisfactory progress in studies, lack of diligence, are sufficient ground for dismissal. The Principal is the sole judge regarding the dismissal of a student. Parents/guardians, when they apply for their ward’s admission to De Nobili, are understood to accept his/her judgement in such matters as final.

The Principal also reserves to himself/herself the right to suspend a student from attendance at the school and to determine the period of suspension, depending upon gravity of the misdemeanour.

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