Eternal God/Creator of all/I firmly believe/that

I am  now/  in  Your  presence. / I adore / Your

divine majesty/and  I  ask  of you/ to enlighten

my mind/that  I may know  you/more  clearly/

so move my heart/ that I may love you /above

all things / and  my  neighbour / as myself/ for

the love of you./ Amen


O  God/ Infinite wisdom / and   the  source  of

all knowledge/grant  that we  may remember/

what  we  have   learned. / We  offer  you/ our

works /    endeavours   /   our    failures    and

successes. /  Forgive   us   our   shortcomings /

and give us  the c ourage /  to  follow   always/

the  path  of   truth. / O Lord / keep   us   safe/

along the way./ Amen


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